Date: Tuesday 26 April
Time: 17:00 - 19:00 + gaming until 21:00
Where: Startuplab Bergen

Welcome to feilefest! A place where the tech sector in Bergen can talk openly about their failures. On stage you'll hear stories from developers, engineers and founders.

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// Speakers

lasse smedsvig circle.png

Lasse Smedsvig

Co-founder, Cutters, Adams Matkasse, Askeladden & Co


Adrian Kristoffer Borgund

Software Engineer, Frontend lead DNB, YoungTech Bergen


Kristian Flataker Schimdt

Software Developer & Architect, itslearning

olav balandin.png

Olav Balandin

Partner, First Tuesday,

Tech Entrepreneur 


Kenneth Svendsen & Stig Nielsen

Kenneth: CTO, Instech

Stig: Solution Architect, Instech

linn søvig 2.png

Linn Søvig

CEO, Pineleaf Studio


Markus Pedersen

System Developer / Knowledge Engineer, Bouvet


// About

Feilefest is an annual event organized by Solheimsviken. The purpose of feilefest is to give Bergens tech industry an arena to share and learn from fails.

You'll hear stories from devs, founders and others. Afterwards we invite you for gaming with our partners!

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// Program


17:00 - Doors open
Food and drinks will be available when you arrive

17:30 - Welcome & introduction
Sigurd (Startuplab), welcomes you to feilefest.22

17:40 - When Frontend Design Goes Wrong
By Adrian Kristoffer Borgund (DNB)

17:50 - Lasse Smedsvig
Lasse shares his own experiences on stage

18:00 - Who's Fault Is It Anyways???
by Markus Pedersen (bouvet)

18:10 - Tech fails and stories
Olav Balandin shares stories from his 20+ years of experience in tech both from Norway and Silicon Valley

18:20 - Break
Fill up on drinks and refreshments!

18:35 - Everyone plays video games, so why isn't everyone buying mine?
By Linn Søvig (Pineleaf Studio)

18:45 - "itslearning has no security holes"
By Kristian (itslearning)

18:55 - INSERT INTO what?
By Kenneth Svendsen & Stig Nielsen (Instech)

19:05 - Rapid-fire fails & chat
Some of our speakers join Lars from Startuplab onstage to hear stories from the audience

19:30 - Gaming
Our partners setup their own gaming areas with everything from Mario Kart to Super Smash where you get a chance to connect. There will also be drinks and snacks!

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